Norse Noir

A new

Episode 1: Loki's Exile

— a classic 2D point-and-click adventure game set in a unique world that combines the epic tales of Norse mythology with all the action and intrigue of the big band swing-era United States.
Players will explore a rich and full tale jam-packed with unique characters, big twists, and surprises of truly mythological proportions.

Kickstarter success!

NOTE: All voices & graphics in above video are considered placeholder - Please check back in the coming weeks for a new trailer highlighting our final art style & full voice acting cast! In the mean time, check out the Norse Noir IMDB page to see our full list of incredible acting talent behind the game!

Our Kickstarter campaign was a resounding success, and we're super grateful to all our backers!

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When you wake up one morning and discover you're really a god...

what do you do? With a reflection in the mirror that isn't his own and a voice inside his mind calling himself "Loki", the down-on-his-luck but still lovable street magician Lars Kristensen has the same question... and the answers are about to make the 1920s roar!

Stay tuned for more updates to the blog, we are very busy!

Episode 1